There and back again, a SXSW and BarCampAustinIII Tale

March 11, 2008 • 0 comments

Last weekend was great, more like all sorts of awesomeness. It was my first SXSW and it left an interesting impression. The panels, the trade show, Screenburn… all were really exciting and I had a blast. Not to mention Austin, TX is a pretty cool place sans the traffic and the horribly maintained streets.


SXSW banner
SXSW as an event itself was quite the experience; the immense geek aura that emitted from the Austin Convention Center could be seen miles away, the countless people drinking coffee in the morning, and alcohol in the evening was a humorous sight. Inside the convention center, the geek vibe was at its peek, laptops, blackberrys, iPhones/iPods, OLPCs, etc… the amount of technology inside and the potentially cancerous waves of wireless frequencies were a not only a turnoff but an avoidable necessity. I cant remember how many times having WiFi access saved us. The amount of walking also got annoying fast. Although the massive legos section was pretty tempting but I didn’t have time to build that time machine.

One of the highlights of SXSW was the Mark Zuckerberg keynote. Suffice to say, it was pretty brutal, for Sarah Lacy that is. During the entire interview the crowed was not pleased with they way she seemed to interview herself and not Mark. It got so bad she decided to open it up for questions and have a “digg like mob rule”. One of the audience members asked

Other than rough interviews, what are some of the biggest challenges Facebook faces?

It got a lot worse throughout the interview, you can find more information all across the web.

BarCamp Austin III

BarCamp Header
BarCamp Austin III was held at the magnificent GSD&M | idea city building about a mile from SXSW. We walked in greeted by friendly faces and whurly putting bands on everyone’s wrists. BarCamp just had a different energy about it, more lax yet at the same time more productive for example the iPhoneDevCamp had been working for about 12 hours straight. Towards the end, there was live entertainment and the unicorn made another appearance there.

Michael Cummings showed up shortly after with some crazy equipment to take some really awesome pictures. That ring light was amazing. As you know the theBelafonte designed the badges and the shirts… but did you see the truck design! Now that is “all sorts of awesomeness”!

See you all again for BarCampAustin4 and SXSWi 2009!

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SXSW and BarCampAustinIII

February 26, 2008 • 0 comments

Over the next few weeks it might be a bit quiet here. I’m graduating from the Art Institute of Houston and I’m working on my final portfolio. So I’ve got a bit of work ahead of me and only a few weeks left. Not to worry though, the bulk of the work is done. After the portfolio is due, is when the fun really begins. March 7th I’ll be in Austin for SXSW also during this time I will attend BarCampAustinIII. Props goes out to Aaron Belafonte for an amazing job with the badges.

Also wanted to say thanks to Marianne (who is in fact made of awesome) for helping out with the arrangements.

See you guys at BarCampAustinIII and SXSW!

And of course Graduation when I come back! March is going to be crazy!

Oh and I killed a snake tonight.

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AIR Houston 2007 meets Kids Meals Houston

November 3, 2007 • 4 comments

Today was Go day. 8 hours and one incredibly accessible website.

About a month or so ago the TopSpot crew got commissioned to participate in the AIR Houston competition. The competition consisted of creating a fully accessible website for a non-profit organization in 8 hours. Our NPO was Kids Meals Houston. Essentially they are like Meals on Wheels but focus on local Harris County children that live in poverty and are hungry. These kids know what it means to be hungry and Kids Meals provides them with lunches on a daily bases. Our NPO representative Ruth, was just amazing. She provided us with everything we needed to build the site as well as moral support day of the competition. She came with Pom-Poms… yes Pom-Poms and it was really great to see her so excited about the website.
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Dallas – Adam’s Mark Hotel (part 2)

September 22, 2007 • 1 comment

Later that night on the way back from eating… we park the car and head into the hotel, but of course the floor numbers on the elevator don’t make any sense. We end up on some random floor and open the door to hell. Well at least for our noses. I swear the stairwell smelled like someone or some people took a leak on carpet, walls, rails, and everywhere… I was choking and almost threw up which some people found to be hilarious. because throw up is just that funny. Especially when you add back spasms to it

Also this hotel is a giant waste of space. Huge open areas that have nothing in then but the crappiest artwork ever. Stuff you’d see in a flee market gallery. I’ve seen the same artwork multiple times in different location… buy one get one free?

Our rooms have four lamps and no overhead lights or fans. And we’ve got the best view too… its a wall, more like the side of the building. Its awesome.

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