Audi R8 spotted outside starbucks

February 14, 2008 • 2 comments

Outside Starbucks Jean-Marc spots a couple of exotic cars including the Audi R8 that was recently shown in this years Super Bowl commercials, as well as a Ferrari F430, a Rolls Royce Phantom, and Bentley Continental GT. Turns out the Ferrari is owned by Jean-Marc’s friend. Small world. Anyway here are some pictures.

Audi R8 Angle
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One Subaru Impreza Door, Please.

October 7, 2007 • 0 comments

Well its been a little over a month since my impreza got hit and its about time it got fixed. After being busy and getting several estimates I finally managed to get the car repaired and have the other lady’s insurance pay for it. The body shop repaired the front fender and door, and replaced the molding on the front door. The entire shell of the rear door along with the window molding was also replaced. Luckily it was enough to cover the damages and then some. I also got the dent out of the front fender taken care of as well as repainted. The paint looks awesome. Midnight pearl blue has returned!

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Hit and Run

September 1, 2007 • 5 comments

I’m at my moms friends house and some other lady is there who leaves a few minutes after I get there. I wake up this morning to go to work… and theres this huge scrape across the driver side of my car… naturally I’m just standing there starring at it thinking WOW. When could this possibly happened. Just yesterday I was messing around installing an air filter and some lights on the car and i didn’t see that at all. That night i had parked the car on the left side of the driveway so I know it wasn’t anybody else’s car. So I go to work and later on it hits me… the other lady. She was parked further up the driveway on the left side. She must have hit my car backing out. At this point I’m pretty upset because if she did hit my car then she should have came inside and said SOMETHING. Long story short, I called up my mom’s friend who called that other lady and asked her if she hit a car last night. Of course she says, “Oh I totally did…. oops.” So I get on the phone with this lady and shes asking me, “What now?” So I tell her to, “Contact you insurance company, in the mean time I’ll get an estimate so you know how much it’ll be.” She calls back a about 10 minutes later asking me “Why don’t you come by the house in the morning and my husband will look at it and we’ll go from there”.

Subaru Car Dents Hit and Run

What really grinds my gears, is why people just cant say something when something like this happens. If we were in a completely public setting, she would have hit the car, and I would have never known. Thankfully this happened at someones house and we could trace it back to her.

More on this once I get the estimate and we see what happens.

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