SXSW and BarCampAustinIII

February 26, 2008 • 0 comments

Over the next few weeks it might be a bit quiet here. I’m graduating from the Art Institute of Houston and I’m working on my final portfolio. So I’ve got a bit of work ahead of me and only a few weeks left. Not to worry though, the bulk of the work is done. After the portfolio is due, is when the fun really begins. March 7th I’ll be in Austin for SXSW also during this time I will attend BarCampAustinIII. Props goes out to Aaron Belafonte for an amazing job with the badges.

Also wanted to say thanks to Marianne (who is in fact made of awesome) for helping out with the arrangements.

See you guys at BarCampAustinIII and SXSW!

And of course Graduation when I come back! March is going to be crazy!

Oh and I killed a snake tonight.

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