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July 22, 2008 • 6 comments

Testing out the wordpress app. Makes great sense for quick blog posts.

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Apple.com switch? is a slightly newer posting on

June 9, 2008 • 2 comments

First there were three places to buy the new iPhone 3G

Three ways to buy

within minutes now only two places


What happened?

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April 5, 2008 • 33 comments

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Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: stephen.hackett
For the last few days around 10:00pm till sometime during the next day my internet connection is down. At first I thought it might be a fluke and reset the modem and it still wouldn’t work, well this Friday it wouldn’t come back on at all. I decided to get of the computer and give Comcast an ear full.

I call them up and am prompted with the worst automated system second only to Bank of America. After finally getting a human turns out it’s a sales rep who cant help me with anything technical nor can he transfer me to the tech dept. How utterly useless. I call back a few minutes later and get a tech rep on the line, and immediately ask for an appointment for someone to come out and check the line, (since I have already done the standard reset procedures as well as release/renew on my IP). Of course they don’t have an appointment on the weekend, so I ask for the earliest one on Monday.

I call back this Saturday and to confirm, and they tell me that my appt is on Tuesday. Um… what the heck? So I decide to give them a chance and troubleshoot over the phone, after 30 minutes of getting nowhere, they rep on the phone found out that a slot was available today at 2. Perfect! The tech will come and fix the issue! Too bad this isn’t a perfect world.

The tech shows up on time, which was great however he turned out to be the most condescending and unhelpful person I’ve ever met. When I would ask him any sort of questions, he would reply in a sarcastic and mocking manner. He fiddled around a bit as if he didn’t care or they weren’t paying him to be here.

Finally got up and went out and brought his “test” modem in. it looked like a new model, and he plugs it in and some of the lights start blinking and gets this “WooHooo! I’m a genius” look on his face, soon to be replaced by this “crap… I look like an idiot” face.

Obviously his test modem did very little. He decides it must be the line in the backyard, he’s gone for about 10 minutes, come back and says he fixed the filter out back, so I’m thinking… uh ok sure maybe that was it. At this point the unhelpful tech hooks up my original modem to my Mac and I have an IP address, hooray! So he was good for something. I’m online. Awesome. Well what about my other PCs and my router, well turns out he cant help me with that. I plug the modem into my PC and I get an IP but I still cannot get online. I ask him about this and says well maybe its your PC or your wire. My wire? O RLY? Ok we’ll use the wire that was working for the Mac on the PC. Oh guess what… still not working.

If it’s not the wire than what is it? His response is simply… you saw it working on you’re laptop… I’m done. And in 5 seconds he is downstairs and out the door. As he is leaving he says try restarting your computer… I wanted to hurl the Comcast modem at him.

I call up Comcast again to let them hear my thoughts about the condescending tech with the 7th grade education… well they cant help me on Saturdays… are you serious? Ok fine… then at least troubleshoot my modem, 30 minutes later… they still can’t figure out what it is, and am forced to I schedule another appointment.

Something crazy was going on. For those of you that know me, I’m pretty tech savvy and know what the heck I’m talking about. However I couldn’t put my finger on it. Why would it only work on the Mac. (And don’t give me that, Mac > PC) crap because after resetting the modem, the Mac wouldn’t get online either. So I start fiddling around and I push the “reset” switch on the back of the modem and connect it straight to my brothers PC laptop. Instantly he is online. What the heck? Ok… well know let me plug it back in to the router, and see if the rest of the computers can connect. Crap. Still not working. Ok now I’m slightly confused. Each time I reset the router and plug it in… only the first machine works, and usually its my Mac that works because it’s the one I’m testing wired/wireless on.

Well after messing around and trying different things, we (my brother and I) determine that the ridiculous Comcast modem (model: DPC2100R2) is caching the MAC address of the first machine you plug in. This happened to be my MacBook Pro.


Well this problem was only solvable by cloning the MAC address of my MBP to my router. Making the modem think that it is still talking to my MBP.

Once we cloned the MAC address the router got an IP and we were on our way.

<sarcasm>Thank you Comcast for educating your techs on how to solve this issue with your craptacular equipment. </sarcasm>


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