Zaki Mirza

I am an interactive media and web designer with a bachelors in fine arts. Developing standards compliant and accessible websites is my thing. I also enjoy anything that has to deal with the internet. I am a developer at heart but like the occasional design work. I love to blog though I don’t get enough time to do so. I am an event junkie… mainly web events such as BarCamp, Webmaster Jam Session, SxSW…. etc. I am currently a web developer at an internet marketing firm. This blog is mainly for putting in my two cents about anything in the tech or web industry, also to share tips and tricks about CSS development, and catalog whatever else is on my mind.


The name of this blog stands for “what you see is work in progress” which is not only the blog by the author as well. I am constantly updating and adding new things to this site and at the same time learning new technologies and development techniques. This blog has articles about CSS, usability, accessibility, technology, the web, and pretty much anything else that cross my mind. Personal entires are limited but pop up every now and then.